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Many thanks to Erik Thorstensson and the folks at Creatables (Gothenburg, Sweden) for their Kickstarter campaign where they released Strawbees under:
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States(CC BY-SA 3.0 US) License

By doing so, we are able to bring you a 100% Made in the USA product with out the expense of overseas shipping, in quantities simply not available from Strawbees. (October, 2014)I am proud to have been a INFINITE KIT WITHOUT MACHINE backer of the Strawbee Kickstarter campaign

EriK and his team have done an incredible job developing Strawbees.
You may support them directly at:
Dream Big, Build Bigger

Hazard Warning
Going a step further, I have now started using bottle caps, Kcup coffee pods and yogurt cups, along with Stretch-a-Straws® connectors and made in the USA drinking straws to create colorful flowers. This inspiration comes from Artist Sean Doghtery of I met Sean, last October, busy making whimsical flowers and cracking wise at Palletfest.

I had brought our Rainbow Zeebra Bubble Tower (made using discarded banquet table linens) and a few stilts , and Sean had used his decorated bike to bring in two of his sculptures and workbench for making delightful flowers from aluminum cans and the like.

We both shared a passion for creating beauty from rubbish, and a reuse, repurpose and finally recycle ethic.Thanks Sean!

Besides using Stretch-a-Straws® for art, or for STEM/STEAM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, art)program, part of the appeal for me is they are so suitable to demonstrate the difference between repurposing and recycling, while also demonstrating a manufacturing process using the die cutter to cut the shapes. In addition I can help create and sustain some jobs while helping others experience the joy of being a maker.
Stretch-a-Straws® Girls