STEM/STEAM - Makerspace programming for library, rec center, youth group, social, corporate team building exercise or festival activity.

Donations of clean plastic lids, cat litter jugs, clean plastic yogurt cartons or other clean and dry plastic containers welcomed.
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Stretch Your Imagination
   Kick-Start your Creativity

Learn, build and create with reusable, recycled plastic Stretch-a-Straws™ connectors and ordinary drinking straws: design, build, and take home a tower, construct a flower, a monster, a Platonic Solid, a one of a kind masterpiece!

Program includes die cutting demonstration, cutting reusable connectors from ice cream cartons and the like, discussing briefly the difference between recycling and repurposing, and hands on activity with each artist (up to 30 participants) getting a supply of reusable connectors and straws to assemble and additional supplies to take home.

Additional supplies for take home available for purchase.

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